4 fantasy football predictions for Dallas Cowboys vs. Seattle Seahawks

Dallas Cowboys v Seattle Seahawks
Dallas Cowboys v Seattle Seahawks / Tom Hauck/GettyImages
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Zach Charbonnet has under 50 rushing yards

With Kenneth Walker III doubtful for the game against the Cowboys, it seems likely that Zach Charbonnet will get another chance to start for the Seattle Seahawks. He had his first career start last week against the 49ers and had 14 rushing attempts for 47 yards with four receptions for 11 yards.

Unfortunately, it doesn't get any easier this week as the Cowboys are only allowing 109 rushing yards per game this season and only 4.1 yards per rushing attempt. The Seahawks have been prodimantly a run-heavy offense so the rookie should see plenty of rushing attempts against the Cowboys.

However, he should end up with a similar stat line as it will be tough to pick up yards even with the increased workload. Charbonnet has a chance at a touchdown that could save his week but it is a gamble and he is worth benching this week for fantasy football.