4 fantasy QBs who could save Justin Jefferson after Kick Cousins' injury

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Carson Wentz

If the Minnesota Vikings can't work out a trade for any of those three and have to go the route of free agent quarterbacks, Carson Wentz is going to be their best option. The former first round pick has yet to sign with a team this season after playing eight games for the Washington Commanders last year.

He began last season with a strong start with back to back games throwing for over 300 yards and had seven passing touchdowns but did have three interceptions. However, he struggled as the season went along he couldn't continue playing at that level and in the final six games had three passing touchdowns and six interceptions.

Wentz is the youngest of the quarterbacks on this list at 30 years old and probably has the highest potential. However, he is probably the biggest risk as he has struggled to protect the football at times.

After Keenum, the quarterback that probably makes the most sense would be Wentz as it won't cost the Minnesota Vikings anything outside of a contract to bring him in. He also is the quarterback best equipped to keep Jefferson as a Top 5 wide receiver for the rest of the season considering his skill set.