4 quarterbacks to avoid starting in fantasy football playoffs

For fantasy football teams that are looking ahead to the playoffs, these are four quarterbacks that should remain on the bench during that period.
Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Chargers
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Jared Goff

vs. Denver Broncos (Week 15), at Minnesota Vikings (Week 16), at Dallas Cowboys (Week 17)

Jared Goff has been a borderline QB1/QB2 for most of the season and currently ranks fourth in the NFL in passing yards per game at 279.5 yards. However, the reason he isn't scoring more points is because of a strong run game that the Lions utilize a lot in the red zone as Goff has only 18 passing touchdowns, which is tied for 10th this season.

Goff also historically has not done much running with the ball and while he has two rushing touchdowns this season, he had zero over the prior two years. It is just something that can't be counted on at this point of the year.

While Goff doesn't have as tough of a schedule as the other quarterbacks on this list, he doesn't have the upside as some of these other quarterbacks and should probably remain on the bench during the playoffs.