4 running backs who had their fantasy stock drop the most in 2023

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The running back position is probably one of the toughest to navigate in fantasy football. Hitting on the right running back can be the difference between a fantasy football championship or trying to find a diamond in the rough off the waiver wire on a weekly basis.

The position has evolved over the years as the days of each team having a featured running back are long gone and most teams are utilizing a running back by committee. This is why running backs are targeted so early in fantasy football drafts.

These are four running backs that likely were early draft picks that were essentially busts in 2023.

Austin Ekeler

Austin Ekeler has been a cornerstone for fantasy football teams over the past few years. He was one of the most consistent players over the 2021 and 2022 seasons as he led the league in touchdowns each season.

He was a key part of the Chargers offense as he had over 200 carries in each of those seasons while also catching 177 passes. Unfortunately, this was the season that he came crashing back down to earth as he saw his average per rushing attempt drop a full yard and he had only six total touchdowns.

It is going to be an interesting offseason for Ekeler as he is set to be a free agent and will be 29 years old this upcoming season. Whether or not he is a factor in fantasy football moving forward will be largely determined by where he is playing football in 2024.