4 performances in first half of 2023 no one saw coming in fantasy football

Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys
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Joshua Dobbs

The Arizona Cardinals were in a desperate need for a quarterback to begin the season and would trade for Joshua Dobbs with the Cleveland Browns before the year. It wouldn't take long for Dobbs to step in as the starter but had only 132 passing yards with no touchdowns in Week 1.

However, after that game Dobbs has been a borderline QB1 almost every week this season. In five of the next eight games Dobbs had two or more touchdowns in five of those games.

While he only averaged 191 passing yards per game, the reason he was almost startable in fantasy football was his ability to make plays with his legs. In five games this season, Dobbs had 40 or more rushing yards in a game.

Dobbs was recently traded to the Minnesota Vikings and there is no question that this offense has a lot more talent around the quarterback. He should continue to produce as a borderline QB1 and should be rostered in most leagues.