4 tight ends to replace Darren Waller in your fantasy football lineup

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Entering this season, Darren Waller was expected to return to that top tier of fantasy football tight ends after being traded to the New York Giants. The lack of receivers for Daniel Jones looked to open the door for Waller to see a high volume of targets and he has at times with five or more targets in six of the first eight games.

Unfortunately, the injury issues that he had with the Raiders followed him to New York and it appears he will be missing a number of weeks due to a hamstring injury. According to ESPN's Jordan Raanan, Waller described it as "very frustrating" and "It may take a little bit."

It remains to be seen exactly how long Waller is going to be out but if the New York Giants move him to injured reserve, it will be a minimum of four games. If they don't, then it will be a good indication that it might not require that much time.

Regardles off how long it will take, any managers with Darren Waller on their fantasy football team is going to have to find a replacement and these are four good options.