5 wide receivers to stash on your bench now in dynasty fantasy football

Cleveland Browns v Pittsburgh Steelers
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Jason Brownlee

The New York Jets have two rookie wide receivers that could be players to target with Xavier Gipson and Jason Brownlee. Both were undrafted free agent signings this offseason and both played well during the preseason.

The reason I picked Brownlee to target on the waiver wire is that he fits a role needed for the Jets offense better than Gipson. Xavier Gipson is a smaller wide receiver at 5'9" and 189 pounds and has done a good job utilizing his speed as a returner.

However, Brownlee is a bigger wide receiver at 6'2" and could be a player who gives this offense some size on the outside as a potential replacement for Corey Davis. The Jets offense has been a mess this season but with a potentially returning Aaron Rodgers, all the wide receivers should see a significant bump in production.