5 biggest disappointments for fantasy football in Week 14

Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
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The fantasy football season is quickly coming to a close and playoff spots in fantasy football leagues are hanging in the balance. However, anyone who started these five players in Week 14 may need a miracle from the last two games of the week with the Miami Dolphins playing the Tennessee Titans and the New York Giants playing the Green Bay Packers.

5 biggest disappointments for fantasy football in Week 14

Jared Goff

For the second time in four weeks, the Detroit Lions played the Chicago Bears and for the second time Jared Goff had a disappointing performance. When the Lions played the Bears in Week 11, Goff threw for 236 yards with two touchdowns but had three interceptions (which was the first game all season with multiple interceptions).

Once again in Week 14, Goff had multiple interceptions with two but didn't have the touchdowns to balance out the negative plays. He finished with only one touchdown and threw for only 161 passing yards.

The good news is that Goff doesn't play the Bears the rest of the season but does have some tough matchups coming up against the Broncos in Week 15 and then Cowboys in Week 17. It is hard to trust the Lions' quarterback at this point of the season.