Fantasy Football: 5 players who struggled in Week 11

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers v Cleveland Browns / Nick Cammett/GettyImages
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Garrett Wilson (New York Jets)

Another offense that is struggling due to quarterback play is the New York Jets. This has been the case for most of the season and the team finally made a change by announcing Tim Boyle as the starter and moving Zach Wilson to the bench.

The question is whether or not Boyle is going to be enough of a change to save Garrett Wilson this season. Last year, Wilson had over 1,100 receiving yards and four touchdowns as a rookie and he seemed to be one of the few wide receivers to be immune to subpar quarterback play.

He has shown that at times this year but the Jets couldn't get anything going against the Buffalo Bills. The former first round pick was targeted eight times but caught only two of them for nine yards and had a fumble in the second half.

There are some winnable matchups coming up for Wilson, like against the Texans, Commanders and Patriots. Those are games where he should in the lineup but at this point it might be worth keeping on the bench to see if Boyle can turn the offense around.