5 quarterbacks to add to replace Deshaun Watson in fantasy football

Can Russell Wilson be a replacement for Deshaun Watson in fantasy football?
Denver Broncos v Buffalo Bills
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Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson has had a career resurgence with the Denver Broncos after a disastrous first year with the franchise. He is not a quarterback that is going to have big yardage totals but has been very efficient as of late.

Over the past three games, Wilson has had under 200 passing yards each game but has thrown six touchdowns with no interceptions during that stretch. He also has been making some more plays with his legs with 81 rushing yards in these three weeks.

The Broncos offense has been leaning heavily on the run game and they are probably going to continue that. It will limit Wilson's ceiling moving forward but also has some great playoff matchups with the Patriots in Week 16 and Chargers in Week 17.