5 quarterbacks to add to replace Deshaun Watson in fantasy football

Can Russell Wilson be a replacement for Deshaun Watson in fantasy football?
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Will Levis

Will Levis had a breakout game in his first career start with four passing touchdowns in Week 8 but the excitement has gone away recently. In the past two games, Levis has not thrown a touchdown and has two interceptions.

However, this was two road games against the Steelers (which was a short week) and then against the Bucs. The good news for Levis though is that the schedule does get a bit easier moving forward with games against the Jaguars, Panthers, Colts, Dolphins, Seahawks with two games against the Texans.

At this point of the season, options are probably pretty limit and among the five quarterbacks he probably has the second highest ceiling behind Kyler Murray. Although he has probably the lowest floor as he is a rookie quarterback that might make more mistakes than the other quarterbacks.

If Deshaun Watson was a backup on your fantasy football team, Levis is probably a better option versus managers looking for a starter.