4 best landing spots for Derrick Henry to improve his fantasy football value

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
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Baltimore Ravens

The next team is in the AFC North with the Baltimore Ravens. Similar to the Browns, the Ravens also lost their top running back for the season with J.K. Dobbins suffering a torn Achilles injury in Week 1 of the season.

The Ravens have been a run-first offense with Greg Roman as their offensive coordinator but made a switch this offseason to Todd Monken. Even with the switch, not much has changed as the Ravens are second in the league with 230 rushing attempts and the only team in the NFL with over 1,000 rushing yards entering Week 8.

However, it is Lamar Jackson who is leading the way in rushing with 363 rushing yards, followed by Gus Edwards who has 346 rushing yards. The Ravens right now can compete with the rest of the AFC due to their defense but adding Derrick Henry would put them on the same level as the Kansas City Chiefs.

As for Derrick Henry's fantasy football value, this offensive scheme would be a great fit and allow him to get 15-20 carries and be close to 100 rushing yards every week.