4 best landing spots for Derrick Henry to improve his fantasy football value

Tennessee Titans v Indianapolis Colts
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Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys said goodbye to longtime running back Ezekiel Elliot in the offseason and turned to Tony Pollard as the lead running back. After beginning the season with an average of 88 rushing yards, he has averaged only 35 rushing yards per game.

In his last game against the Los Angeles Chargers he averaged only two yards per carry. While Pollard continues to be a factor in the passing game with 25 receptions this season, he is a running back that needs a bigger running back to complement him in the backfield.

If the Cowboys can cut back Pollard's carries and not ask him to take some of those tough carries in the middle of the field, it can keep him fresh and get him back to playing like he did last year. Derrick Henry might not get the workload he would with the Browns or Ravens but he certainly could be an RB1 with Dallas.